Photo Essay: First Week in Curnier, South of France

It’s been a few weeks since posting.

After finishing V1.0 of the course, I decided to take a few weeks to catch up with friends back home in the UK before travelling to the South of France.

So, what better way to come back into the fold of the blog than with a photo essay now that my travels are back under way?

On the way from the Lyon airport, driving through the beautiful French countryside reminded me (again) how lucky I am to have this lifestyle.

If you’re reading this right now and you’re considering becoming a travelling freelancer, just do it. It’s difficult to fully describe the deep sense of liberating freedom on offer.

It’s almost difficult to imagine the idea that working 9 to 5 in offices is what most people do.

All the snaps were taken with an iPhone 6 Plus. Click each photo for a full size version in a new tab.

Curnier, Rhône-Alpes, France

This is the village I’m staying in.

If you’re wondering, you can snag a 1-bedroom apartment with a separate kitchen and living room here for around €300 ($330 or £215) per month, excluding bills.

Inside, they’re all stone, wood and terracotta.

There’s a small coffee shop 3 doors down from the flat. Here’s the view from the terrace.

Coffee Shops Terrace view
Local coffee shop terrace view

A little down the road from the coffee shop is a wide, shallow river that trickles gently through the valley.

It’s every bit as peaceful as you’d hope it to be. Probably more so.

L' Eyuges
L’ Eyuges

The iPhone 6 Plus has a pretty cool panorama feature which I’m messing around with.

As with the rest, you can click the below image for a higher resolution version in a new tab.

L' Eyuges Panorama
L’ Eyuges Panorama

I’ve been here for almost 10 days now and walking through these streets never gets old.

Driving through NyonsOn the way to a party with a friend, we got a flat tire.

I’ve never been happier to find myself in that situation.

Flat tyre En Route to Tarendol
Flat tyre En Route to Tarendol

And the views went both ways, too…

Flat tyre En Route to Tarendol 180°
Flat tire En Route to Tarendol 180°

After a relatively painless tire change, we arrived at the party and this is the view from the person’s back door.

There’s a small garden in between the house threshold and a decline that leads down to the valley floor.

View from the garden in Tarendol

I’m feeling mighty grateful right now.

This will be my home for the next couple of months or more and I’m already sad about the prospect of leaving.

I’ll be busy making V2.0 of the course over the next 4-6 weeks.

Contact me on if you have questions about it.

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